Selecting a WMS in an Uncertain World

“Tech was once always in your way. Soon, it will be almost invisible.” — Walt Mossberg

Selecting a WMS in an Uncertain World

Most executives believe that relentless execution—the efficient, timely, consistent production and delivery of goods or services—is the surefire path to customer satisfaction and financial results. There is a widely held belief that managers who divert their focus on execution even briefly, do so at their own peril. However, we’ve come to see that even flawless execution cannot guarantee enduring success in the knowledge economy.

We now operate in a world where agility is just as imperative as the ‘perfect order’. Technology is advancing at amazing rates and easily available capital within companies with highly valued stock prices are enabling acquisitions that are can
almost change the competitive landscape overnight. The large majority of these acquisitions are fueled by companies having aggressive growth initiatives. Their business models and executive management attitudes create an environment of willing change and set a standard that fosters a culture where constant change is the standard, not the exception.

Regardless of their vast resources, the question that is being asked more and more is why can’t established companies move as quickly as their Internet-born competitors? In part, because they are limited by their IT architecture and the fear of change. The architecture in traditional companies typically reflects a bygone era, when it was not necessary for companies to shift their business strategies, release new products and services, and incorporate new competitive models and processes at hyperspeed. We have to consider that until this decade, mobile devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data and analytics platforms weren’t critical components to effectively compete. Companies did not need acute perspective and business acumen to rapidly infuse new IT-enabled business capabilities into their operations. Now they do.

This publication will focus on the challenges and solutions to compete effectively in a digital economy. It will discuss the empowerment of the customer as they move rapidly into a world of automation and robotics. Finally, the publication will cover various challenges to think about when investigating a new WMS for an uncertain world.

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