We understand that digitising supply chain and demand management requires more than a one-size-fits-all solution. Which is why we work closely with our core industries to create an ever-expanding portfolio of plug-in software functions to meet specific industry challenges.

Maintaining lean processes, meeting demand, evolving in line with a changing industry landscape and increasing profit margins are all more achievable when your business and wider supply chain have a highly responsive digital twin that can forecast, evaluate and continually monitor performance.

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Our Core Industries

Food & Beverage

Sell off end-of-life stock at a reduced rate thanks to automated alerts which warn you in advance and not when the stock is out of date. With the ability to identify end-of-life stock right down to SKU level, you will know not to include them when considering available inventory.

Durable Goods

Measure the operational effort of moving stock around the warehouse and better plan storage locations to increase picks per hour. Understand, at a glance, exactly what you have in stock and how that compares to the demand you are forecast to experience.

Consumer Products

Rebate forecasting provides an educated view of how much rebates could cost for the year, allowing you to defend price positions in competitive markets.

Consumer Electronics

Prepare for seasonal spikes in demand or new trends with an automated, highly accurate forecast based on multiple data streams. Arrange stock easily with a detailed sizing matrix.


Easily monitor supply chain availability, identify bottlenecks and switch suppliers in good time. Automated expiry planning will provide a range of real-time alerts allowing you to restock, or sell off end-of-life stock.

After Market Parts

Define your stocking strategy for runners in line with threshold of stock required to meet your SLA. Make strategic decisions on stocking aliens vs supplying to order. Receive automated rebate alerts to inform you when you are nearing the next discount threshold.


Manage promotional purchasing surges and keep control of your inventory with a supply chain digital twin, giving you fill visibility of stock, supplier availability, demand forecasts and much more.

Apparel/Soft Goods

Understand at a glance a range of financial streams, including what the year’s rebates will potentially cost. Have to hand the information you need to defend your price position when negotiating in cost-driven markets.

Wholesale Distribution

Never disappoint contracted customers, with easy-to-maintain, digital, customer-specific calendars which align your stock inventory with the ongoing needs of each customer.