Demand Management, Inc. (DMI) is a leading global provider of the Demand Solutions® software-as-a-service (SaaS) supply chain planning software. These affordable, easy-to-use solutions for manufacturers and distributors are designed to increase forecast accuracy, improve customer service levels, and reduce overall inventory to maximize profits and lower costs. Designed to run on Azure, a cloud service from Microsoft, the Demand Solutions supply chain planning solution offers capabilities for demand optimization, inventory optimization, supply optimization, retail optimization, quality & compliance, product lifecycle management, sourcing management, sales & operations planning, integrated business planning,  advanced analytics and supply chain data management.

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As one of the leading experts for warehouse logistics and thanks to our many years of experience gained in upwards of 1,500 warehouse projects implemented, EPG has developed the LFS supply chain execution system. LFS actively guides and manages all your warehouse processes, synchronizes these processes in an intelligent way, and automatically controls the use of all your warehouse resources. Furthermore, our extremely secure solution ensures consistent transparency in terms of the current events taking place in your manual and automated storage units.

Morpheus.Network was built to make logistics easier using blockchain technology. Combining the most brilliant minds in global trade, information security, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, Morpheus.Network aims to fix the inefficiencies that the World Economic Forum has identified in a $15 trillion USD industry.

Rydoo is not your typical company story. It’s not one person’s dream or idea but the shared vision of 3 companies – Sodexo, iAlbatros and Xpenditure. Together, we aim to eliminate painful and frustrating processes for companies worldwide. We offer one single app, with two modules covering the entire travel & expense journey: before, during and after each business trip. Our ambition is to change the way we work, offering a brand new experience for business travelers and companies around the world. We aim for a seamless work flow and better quality of life for employees.