Creating a Smarter Connected Logistics World with Lydia Voice

“Our voice solution adds to our overall profitability through improved productivity and greater picking accuracy. Overall, we’ve seen an increase in productivity. We track errors in terms of one per thousand, and since using Lydia Voice our errors have gone down.”
Vice President of Operations,
Cooper-Booth Wholesale Company

Creating a Smarter Connected Logistics World with Lydia Voice

Kick Your Warehouse into Overdrive!

In these challenging times, driving profitable growth and streamlining existing processes to further reduce costs and make an efficient business run even better is a constant balancing act. EPG can help you identify additional ways to reduce your operating costs, while supporting increased workforce productivity and greater worker accuracy.

Today’s approaches to distribution center (DC) and warehouse material-handling management are evolving, driven by an omni-channel world where service level expectations are changing rapidly. From early paper-based systems to handheld computers and then to voice-enabled mobile computing environments, voice technology has become a catalyst in the reengineering of warehouse processes and systems to deliver the next generation of business results.

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