Rossman and EPG: ready together for the digital future with Warehouse Management

Rossman supplies stores throughout Germany with goods from the main warehouse in Landsberg. EPG has been supporting the company for over 20 years through the process of modernizing its logistics and optimizing its supply chain processes; EPG’s LFS.wms warehouse management system is used in almost all Rossman’s European warehouses.

Rossman and EPG: ready together for the digital future with Warehouse Management

With 2,150 drugstores in Germany and another 1,780 in Eastern Europe, Rossman is one of the largest drugstore chains in Europe. Since it was founded in 1972 by Dirk Rossmann, the group has expanded rapidly, only opening up new sales markets, while also expanding the entire logistics chain strategically. Rossman has consistently pushed ahead with the digitization of its central and regional warehouses in the last few years in particular. For more than two decades, Rossman has relied on the LFS.wms warehouse management system from the Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG).

What is the Warehouse Management System?

Customized software support is crucial here in order to precisely coordinate this enormous logistics volume. Rossman therefore relies on the LFS.wms warehouse management system from EPG in a total of four European countries – and has been doing so for about 20 years. Not only has Rossman grown with LFS, but the feature set provided by LFS has also adapted to the requirements of the complex Rossman logistics. This includes, for example, seamless and transparent processes, as necessary for daily deliveries to the stores.

Complex logistic structures demand the best digital warehouse management systems

Up to one million movements are completed each day in Landsberg, which means a log of storage, transfer and retrieval. Almost all goods are initially transferred from goods incoming to the fully automatic high-bay warehouse, which has 49,000 pallet spaces. This high-bay warehouse is located within a complex of buildings which, at a height of more than 40 meters (~130 ft), is around the same height as a 12-story skyscraper. From the high-bay warehouse, the items are transported at a high throughput rate via the 440-meter long electric monorail conveyor to the high-performance pallet order picking system. Automated storage and retrieval systems distribute the pallets in this three-story area, which has 2,700 pallet spaces, of which 1,200 are used as picking stations. The employees drive through the aisles with industrial trucks with up to four roll containers and they pick using pick-by-voice. For picking, Rossman relies on Lydia® Voice from topsystem. “The solution has excellent speech recognition. So we barely need to train new employees,” says Volker Wieters, responsible for logistics management and strategic planning at Rossman. Items that are not required on pallets are transported from the high-bay warehouse to the repacking area. This is where they are repacked into containers, which are then transported to the automatic small parts warehouse.

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