Where is your business on the supply chain maturity chart?

Where is your business on the supply chain maturity chart?

Find out where your business is on the supply chain maturity curve. Discover how you can move up it and improve your business KPIs and efficiency.

Manufacture and wholesalers wanting to develop real business intelligence, need to understand their current level of supply chain maturity so that they can improve their resilience and bolster long-term performance.

The supply chain maturity curve is a separate concept from the adoption curve. It attempts to measure supply chain robustness by looking at what might happen if any particular link failed. Immature supply chains have a habit of crumbling when there is a problem with any component in the system. By contrast, robust supply chains are those that adapt to changing circumstances and even accommodate operational failures.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to different supply chain maturity stages so that you can determine where your business currently lies and how you might improve if necessary. Having this conversation is crucial because it helps you characterize your capacity for change management while also showing you precisely how you can to enhance your current approach.

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